PPF - Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film or PPF for short, is a urethane film with elastomeric polymers that provides an almost invisible barrier to protect a car’s paint against stone chips, swirl marks, bird bombs, environmental elements, scratches, scuffs and bug etching.

The most common parts of a car to apply PPF too are the ‘high impact’ areas, these being the front bumper, bonnet, front wings and wing mirrors.

Another area which benefits hugely is the gloss black pillar trims found on the majority of new cars – these have an incredibly soft surface which picks up defects very quickly – PPF eliminates this issue and keeps them looking like new.

You can of course have the complete car wrapped in PPF if you so wish - that really is like an invisible suit of armour!

If customisation is your thing, we can install a PPF Smoke film to headlamps, this gives you the stone chip resistance of PPF with the individual look of a smoked lens.

We install pre-cut templated self-healing film from Premium Shield so there is absolutely no cutting of the film on the car.

PPF installation is hugely time consuming so to help spread the load and keep me sane I work with my good friend Matt at System Clenz in Weston-super-Mare and this is where you will bring the car too for PPF installation.

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