Chris Cooke

My name is Chris Cooke and I am Summit Detailing.

There are two important things you need to know about me.

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I have worked in the motor trade for 22 years in various guises including heading up the Detailing department for Ferrari Swindon.


My reputation for professionalism and attention to detail is first class.

Oh, Actually 3 things...

I like my coffee with milk, no sugar. Biscuits optional!

"I met Chris purely through recommendation. A very nice bloke who knows his job literally inside and out. If your a precious about your metal then Chris is your man to go to. A very professional service with 110% attention to detail guaranteed. My 911 looks better than new”

My Story

Back in 2007 I set up and managed the Detailing department at Dick Lovett Ferrari in Swindon, this was at the time when the word ‘detailing’ was an American term and still very much an unknown here in the UK. It is fair to say at the time no other dealership in the UK was offering any form of detailing so we were very much pioneers in that regard.

After seven years an over 1000 supercar details under my belt I took the giant leap from being employed to self employment and Summit Detailing was born.