Paint Correction Detail

From £950

If you are looking for a Concours or Show Car finish this is the Detail for you.

Paint Correction is the art of perfecting the clarity of a cars painted surfaces. Over time the clear coat lacquer or single stage paint picks up defects and imperfections, scratches, swirls, micro marring, holograms and numerous other surface defects.

These defects are mainly caused by harsh washing and drying methods, as well as poor polishing techniques by the likes of bodyshops, dealership valeter’s and sometimes even inexperienced detailers.

The aim of a Paint Correction detail is to safely remove these defects and re-level the clear coat. Unlike some Detailer’s who will quote a “3-stage correction” or similar in our eyes a Correction takes as long as it takes and involves as many stages of machine polishing as we see fit to get to the end goal.

This labour intensive process takes years to learn and master, it takes a skilled eye, professional lighting, various polishing machines and last of all skill.

Due to the bespoke nature of this treatment, first of all we will need to inspect your car to determine the length of time required to complete the detail. Please get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

*Please note a £100 deposit is required to secure your booking.

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